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It’s been just over one month since Bellano reopened, and we’re so glad to see your smiling faces again! Though we have made a few changes to the flow of our offices, we are still committed to making the patient experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

Our safety procedures have actually allowed us to get to know our patients better, as we talk with them more on the phone and coordinate movements within the office.

During the 6 weeks our offices were closed, we took the opportunity to institute new digital systems to improve our patients’ experience. Patients now have the option to schedule their appointments online or update paperwork via text or email, at their own convenience.

These changes certainly impact our team members as well, and we wanted to take the time to share their perspectives with you as we continue to adapt.

  • What’s different at the office now?

“Our day-to-day has changed some as we implement social distancing policies to limit overlapping patients in spaces such as hallways, but it has allowed us to spend more time talking with them. Between calling them to confirm their appointments or let them know we’re ready for them to come into the office, we’re able to get to know them a little more than we did before.” - Ashley Hanson, Office Manager at Bellano Appling

“The main difference is that you don’t see patients in the waiting room anymore or shake their hands, but we are still able to do our job efficiently and make the patients comfortable.” - LeAnn Moore, Office Manager at Bellano Germantown and East Memphis

  • What patient feedback have you received about these new safety procedures?

“Feedback has been very positive. Our patients have noticed that we’re going above and beyond to keep both them and our staff safe, and have expressed their appreciation.” - Dr. Ashlock

“Thank you for your continued patience! We are rescheduling appointments as quickly as possible, and have even expanded hours at our offices to include Fridays.” - LeAnn

  • Do you foresee Bellano maintaining these new procedures even after we pass each stage of reopening?

“I’m hoping that we’ll be able to go back to having our normal waiting room without plexiglass barriers, but I think the way we clean our operatories will continue. We’ve purchased a fogger that we’re using between patients to further sanitize the space using a non-toxic solution we create in our offices with electrized water and salt. This ensures an additional layer of safety for our patients.” - Dr. Ashlock

  • What have you learned during this past month?

“This time has re-emphasized how important it is for us to be willing to adapt and redefine our internal standards. From safety procedures to internal technologies, we continued to work even during the lockdown to keep making things better for our patients.” - Ashley

  • Is there anything else you’d like your patients to know?

“Your health and safety are our #1 priority. We are taking all possible precautions to keep our patients safe and comfortable during this time. So much so, in fact, that if you wanted to go anywhere in the city and be safe, it would be right here!” - Ashley

“For nearly 40 years, dentistry has continued to be a leader in infection control. While other healthcare workers are having to adjust to constantly wearing masks, gloves, and other PPE, dental professionals have been doing this for decades. In fact, according to studies, no airborne viruses have ever been transmitted in a dental setting in the United States. That includes our current COVID-19 pandemic.” - Jeff Gardino, CEO

If you’re ready to schedule your next cleaning, we would be delighted to see you! Please visit our patient safety page for more information about what to expect when you visit your Bellano office.

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