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Got questions about Invisalign? We’ve got answers!

We sat down with Dr. Ashlock and Dr Clayton to discuss the Invisalign process, benefits, and why it’s one of their favorite things to do for patients.

  • What is the difference between Invisalign and traditional braces?

With the latest advancements in dental technology, the initial process is more comfortable, faster, and has a higher level of accuracy. Gone are the days of goop-filled impressions that may need to be taken multiple times. Instead, we use the ITERO Scanner to scan your teeth.

This process also allows us to run your smile through an alignment simulation. Before you leave the office that day, you’ll have seen what your smile could look like after the process is finished.

Invisalign is also unique in that the aligners are removable. Without metal brackets that trap plaque and make flossing difficult, it’s easier to keep teeth clean and gums healthy during the course of treatment.

Though the length of treatment is often similar to wire braces, it’s a more aesthetically pleasing process that causes fewer interruptions to your life. Furthermore, patients experience less pain with movement.

  • Who is a good candidate for Invisalign?

Many patients who would have otherwise had traditional braces are also candidates for Invisalign. Whether you experience crowding, crooked teeth, spacing issues, or your bite is off, Invisalign can help!

  • What does the Invisalign process entail?

To begin, we’ll take a scan of your teeth to submit to Invisalign. This process will also provide us a simulation of the straightening process, allowing you to see the projected end result in that very same appointment.

Once Invisalign has processed your scans, they will create and send a series of aligners to our office within 2-3 weeks. You’ll wear the first set of aligners for approximately two weeks (as specified by your dentist), and then move to the next set. In total, treatment usually lasts 6-18 months, depending on your unique smile needs.

After every 4-6 weeks of treatment, we’ll have you come in for an appointment to make sure teeth are moving according to our treatment plan. Check-in appointments give us the opportunity to answer any questions, check the fit of the aligners, and do a rescan if necessary.

  • How does the Invisalign process differ from direct-to-patient straightening options?

Invisalign uses a hands-on process, administered and monitored by your dentist. We use 3D-scanning technology for optimal precision, and have consistent follow-up appointments to make sure teeth are moving as they should. If patients have an issue such as discomfort, lost trays, or lack of movement, we are able to address it immediately. Furthermore, we can also help patients assess whether clear aligners are actually an appropriate solution.

In contrast, do-it-yourself straightening programs operate on a teledentistry model. Patients are responsible for taking their own molds, a process which can take a few tries even for dental professionals. If the mold is off or incorrect in some way, the aligners may move your teeth in the wrong direction and can cause damage.

While these companies offer online consultations and customer service, they are unable to offer in-person assistance - an element which is absolutely crucial to patient safety and alignment success.

  • What are your top tips for Invisalign success?
  1. Compliance with the guidelines set by Invisalign is paramount for a successful straightening process. Patients are encouraged to wear their aligners 22 hours a day, only removing them to eat.
  2. Brush your teeth well after each meal, before replacing aligners.
  3. Stay on track with the process set by your dentist, and don’t skip progress appointments. These are important for us to ensure your teeth are moving as expected, and allow us to make adjustments if necessary.
  • What else would you like your patients to know about Invisalign?

We’d like them to know that it’s one of our favorite things to do for patients. Our mission at Bellano is to help people keep their teeth healthy and be confident in their smile. Invisalign allows us to improve the health of your mouth in a very tangible and visible way. Patients leave looking better, feeling better, and smiling confidently.

We’re here to help you smile confidently, and would love to talk with you about Invisalign. If you have more questions for our team or are ready to make an appointment, click the button below.

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