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Team Highlight - Kristie Kaiser

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Long-term team member looks back on the past 20 years

We’re proud to be a local dental group with strong partnerships in our communities. We combined our practices under the united name of Bellano back in 2018. We have decades of experience practicing dentistry in the greater Memphis area with all of our offices. We also are so thankful to have an amazing team, including a few team members who have been with us since the early 2000s! We sat down with Kristie Kaiser to discuss what she loves about the job, how things have changed, and what makes Bellano so special.

What brought you to Bellano?

K: After my kids were old enough to start school, I found myself in need of a job. A newspaper ad started me on the path to being a Dental Assistant, and I went back to school for it. After graduation and getting some experience, I noticed Dr. Clayton’s office since it was near my home, and stopped in to introduce myself. They weren’t hiring at the time, but later they called me, and we were a great fit. I started in June of 2004 - I actually joined before Dr. Mefford!

Did you have any concerns when things started to change - like adding the additional locations or updating the name and branding?

K: I was a little nervous that the spirit of the office would change, and was curious about who they were bringing in and how that would impact the team, but I mostly just sat back to watch and see what happened.

Was there anything in particular about the changes that challenged you?

K: I was nervous to meet the new doctors and staff - we had such good rapport with the existing team that I really didn't want to lose that. And I was worried that we could lose the family environment or that the quality of patient care might go down. But none of those things happened! Even though Bellano is a group, it isn’t corporate - it is very much a team that works together to support each other, and all the dentists we work with are great, friendly, kind people.

Is there anything that you think is better now with the bigger Bellano and the new brand?

K: Because we have a bigger team and more locations, we are able to help more patients, especially if they need an appointment urgently. We’re also more efficient with our processes and have a big focus on doing things right - orderly and efficiently - so that we can take the best care of our patients. Everyone tries really hard to do their best for our patients and for each other - and that makes this a great place to work.

What do you most love about your job these days?

K: The best is when we have a new patient who, due to past experience, may have some anxiety or their guard up on their first visit. Watching them relax and feel safe with our team is so rewarding. It makes me feel like we are really making a difference in their life, and it is so meaningful to see how treating people right can help them gain confidence and become healthier. It is also super satisfying when a patient who has been working through a treatment plan over a longer period of time reaches the end and can see the results. Our team truly cares about the patients and each other, and the patients can feel that and reciprocate the deep trust and love of our staff. I also love the way the team gets together for things like the annual Summits - it is cool to be a part of a bigger group that all shares the same values and really lives them out in all our different locations.

Anything you would share with someone considering working at Bellano?

K: It is a great place to work! They take care of you, address concerns when you have them, and the management is really open to suggestions. The doctors have a very collaborative attitude with the rest of the team to work together for the best patient care. They are understanding that the team members have families and support a good work/life balance.

Anything you would share with someone considering coming to Bellano as a patient?

K: Come on! We would love to take care of you, address any of your concerns, and help you feel comfortable and confident in your smile. And we can do most things in-house, thanks to our skilled team, so that is super convenient for our patients, along with the flexibility of us having multiple locations to serve you.

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