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Welcoming Dr. Barnes to Bellano Dental Health!

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Starting 2022 with more big news for Bellano Dental Health—we are excited to announce that we have merged with Dr. Pat Barnes and his team at the new Bellano Bartlett - Appling South Bartlett - Appling South location.

From the age of 16, Dr. Barnes knew he wanted to be a dentist. As a teenager, he would watch his dentist work and think “I can do this.” For over 30 years, Dr. Barnes has led a successful career in dentistry. He was a dentist in the U.S. Army Reserve where he practiced in Iraq. Later, in 2006, he opened his new office in Bartlett which is now the Bellano Bartlett - Appling South location.

The father of 3 decided it was time to sell his practice for several reasons; but the one most on his mind was planning for the future of his family. Initially, Dr. Barnes thought the transition process would take a great deal of time. However, he decided to go with Bellano much quicker than he expected. He knew they were the group that would provide the support system necessary to take care of his team and patients properly. “Before Bellano, I was also the office manager so it’s nice to have a team now to bounce ideas off of and make decisions around the office. They have multiple locations and can move staff around and make adjustments for urgent patient care and urgent situations. It’s great to have a team like this so I don’t need to reschedule appointments if a staff member is out unexpectedly.” While his patients were a big reason for not selling the practice earlier—because of the relationships he has built over so many years—he is confident that they will be more than happy with the changes coming as part of joining Bellano. Next time you see Dr. Barnes for an appointment, he will be in the same office, it will just look a little different and have a new name. Outside the office, you can find him on the pickleball court practicing so he can one day beat his wife…or at least tie.

We welcome Dr. Barnes, his team, and all his patients to Bellano. We look forward to meeting each of you. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions about the transition. We would be happy to help.

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