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Typically, preparing a permanent crown has been a two-week process. You’d come in for your first appointment, where the dentist takes an impression of the tooth and puts in a temporary crown. Then, two weeks later, you’d come back to get your permanent crown placed.

But now? Using a small camera to capture a three-dimensional scan of your tooth and cad-cam technology, we can prepare a permanent crown in just one day. You come in and relax, while we mill a porcelain, aesthetic crown within just minutes of preparing your tooth. Before you know it, you’re walking out of the office with the final crown and no worries about a return appointment.

In and out with a new, comfortable crown

Same-day crowns are an excellent solution for convenience and confidence.

  • Minimize the time needed to complete your dental care
  • Extremely accurate technology
  • Well-fitted crowns with outstanding quality